Please Democrats, come to Milwaukee and show us who you are

The Democratic Party that existed when I was a kid was the party of the working man.

Watch the video for John (then Cougar) Mellencamp's classic Authority Song. One half of the audience is a farmer, a soldier, a shopkeeper, and housewife.

None of those people will have a speaking role at next summer's Democratic National Convention.

The DNC on Monday said it chose Milwaukee to host the convention because Milwaukee is the city of working people.

But the Democratic Party is no longer the party for working people.

The modern Democratic Party is the home for activists, social justice warriors, anti-Trumpers, public employees, and people who do not want to work.

I doubt the hard working folks of Wisconsin will have much of a stomach for people who want to kill their cows, take their pick-up trucks, call them racist, then demand that the people who work in the state pay more so that some people can paint.

I cannot wait to see what folks in Wisconsin think when they see who the Democratic base really is. And I am not alone.

Listen to "I cannot wait for Democrats to come to Milwaukee" on Spreaker.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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