The tail is wagging the dog for Democrats in 2020

The Democratic Party of John Kennedy is dead.

The Democratic Party of Bill Clinton is dead.

Today's Democratic Party is adrift in a sea of identity politics and a hierarchy of victimhood.

If the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan has (supposed to have) been a party of principals: Personal responsibility and individual freedom, smaller government, freer markets and more choices. Then the Democratic Party is a party of people. A cult of personality?

Bill Clinton impressed his identity on the party, so did Barack Obama, and so did Hillary Clinton.

Hillary announced this week that she is not running for president. ('Good,' I hear you say?) But without her there is no strong, consensus leader in the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't have the sway to move the party, neither does Chuck Schumer, or almost any of the 2020 presidential candidates.

What that leaves is the tail wagging the Democratic dog.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Ilhan Omar or Rasheda Tlaib are whipping the former party of the working man through the maze of pro-socialist, pro-terrorist, anti-American rabble that is now the Democratic Party base.

That may be great news for campus radicals and angry millennials, but that doesn't bode well for Democrats heading into the 2020 election in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, the Carolina's, and Florida.

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