No wonder young people like socialism

What do third grade soccer, high school, and Tinder all have in common?

You get rewarded simply for showing-up.

It's no wonder that so many young people embrace the idea of socialism. They have been given things all their lives.

A generation ago young adults were expected to be working by age 26. The generation before that young people got married out of high school. The generation before that was fighting in the war in their 20's.

This generation however is content (and has the government's blessing) to live with their parents. To essentially be treated as children.

There are so many things in 2019 that cater to young people who want to be rewarded just for showing up.

High schools graduate teenagers whether they are ready for the real world or not. Colleges and universities extend adolescence by another five years. Even adult relationships are devalued to simply swipe-left or swipe-right.

Young voters have been spoon fed from day one. Now, the Democrats who want to be president are offering to spoon feed them once again.

The problem is, that someone has to pay for all of the promises. Someone has to continue the gravy train.

Young voters may not find that out till too late.

Listen to "XBox Tinder and participation medals have lead to the acceptance of socialim" on Spreaker.

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