Mr. President, please don't federalize school choice

School choice will save some kids from poor families and low income neighborhoods.

The numbers show that getting kids out of failing public schools makes a tangible difference.

I am 1000% in support of school choice.

But I am 10000% against the idea of federalizing school choice.

President Trump is proposing an idea that would have the U.S. Department of Education provide more grants for school choice.

Please don't.

Schools are local. The kids in Milwaukee Public Schools have different needs than the kids in Pewaukee Public Schools. Not to mention Chicago, New York, Norfolk, Nebraska and Tucumcari, New Mexico.

The parents and local elected school boards should be decide how to meet those needs. Not the federal government, and in many cases not even state governments.

President Trump is trying to be ambitious. He is trying to deliver another policy win for conservatives. He is really trying to help kids.

But the federal government has the reverse-Midas touch. Everything the federal government touches turns to, well, uh, not gold.

If school choice is going to save kids from failing local public schools, then parents and students are going to have force the change. Locally.

If school choice is going to be able to stand up to local teachers' unions, the backbone is going to have to local.

If school choice is going to deliver in its promise, it cannot become the latest bureaucratic order from Washington D.C. that will be discarded when they next president takes office.

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