Robin Vos needs to find a way to say Yes

The co-equal branches of government are designed to promote compromise and thwart tyranny.

The framers of the Constitution wanted government to work together. And if leaders couldn't work together, the framers were content to have government do nothing.

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald say they want to compromise with Gov. Tony Evers, but have already made it clear that they will do things on their own if the governor doesn't compromise.

That will work for a time.

But ask Nancy Pelosi or Mike Madigan in Illinois how the public comes to perceive leaders whose default action is obstruction. Go ask voters what they think of leaders who make a career out of saying 'No.'

Vos and Fitzgerald shouldn't cave, they shouldn't agree to $1 billion in news taxes and $6 billion in new spending just because the governor wants it.

But if the Republicans in Madison can't find a way to say 'Yes,' at least on some things, they are going to be painted as the party of 'No.'

Republicans already have a hard enough time winning in Wisconsin, and leaders in Madison shouldn't make it even tougher.

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