Government doesn't make money, it takes money

Government doesn't make money. Government takes money.

Gov. Tony Evers wants to take $1 billion from Wisconsin taxpayers over the next two years.

He is also proposing $6 billion in new spending, so taxes could go up even more.

But here's the problem. People pay those taxes. You pay those taxes.

And how much can you afford to lose to the state? How much less are you willing see in your paycheck so that someone who is not working can get on to Wisconsin's healthcare rolls? Which vacation, ballgame, movie, or dinner out with your family are you willing to skip, so that state government can grow?

State Rep. John Nygren, who will help write a new state budget. says Gov. Evers' plan will cost the average taxpayer in Wisconsin about $2,000 a year.

Do you have $2,000 to spare? Gov. Evers thinks you do, no, he's banking on the idea that you do. And he wants to spend it.

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