The hate for President Trump has Democrats believing a felonious liar.

Democrats in 2019 are so obsessed with proving President Trump wrong that they would say or do almost anything to avoid giving him any credit.

This why the country is being forced to endure the public embrace of an admitted fraud and liar.

Nevermind that Democrats labeled former Trump fixer Michael Cohen a hustler as recently as last year. Today, Cohen is all about airing his dirty past with the president. And Democrats are all about that.

Cohen spent hours testifying before Congress (yes the same Congress that he lied to) about payoffs for the president, and hiding his own payoffs.

But he never once did Cohen say that President Trump colluded or conspired with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. In fact his testimony never really rose above any details that would be anything other than mildly embarrassing for his former employer.

What does this mean for the Democratic narrative? Likely nothing. And it means even less for the push toward impeachment.

But Cohen's spectacle in front of Congress does mean that Trump Derangement Syndrome is far from being cured in this country.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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