Dems' 'Green Raw Deal' Will Deliver Only Socialism And Misery

via Investor's Business Daily

Democrats will try to flex their new-found electoral muscle in Congress by pushing for what has been described as the "largest expansion of government in decades." It's called the Green New Deal, and it promises to be a major economic disaster if it ever becomes American law.

Those who think the Green New Deal is just a political ploy or a Democratic Party marketing gimmick for hipster millennials are in bad need of a wakeup call. The Democrats' plans will deliver soaring federal spending, a near doubling of U.S. taxes, declining standards of living, and even more debt on top of the already-massive $21 trillion we've piled up.

As The Daily Caller's Michael Bastasch reports, "More than 40 Democratic lawmakers support the 'Green New Deal' as part of a broad plan to fight global warming and bring about what they see as 'economic, social and racial justice.' " No doubt, more will sign on in the coming weeks.

The scary thing is, the public, which knows next to nothing about the details of this plan, like it. A poll conducted by Yale's Program on Climate Communication and George Mason University's Center foo Climate Change Communication this month shows that 92% of Democrats and 64% of Republicans backed the plan.

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