2 accidents, even before MKE's streetcar goes into service


Two lawsuits even before "The Hop" begins!  We can all rest easier with this safety video.  Here's the link to the Hop's site 



 A bicyclist will share her story Thursday after she was hurt in an accident involving “The Hop” streetcar tracks in Milwaukee.

According to the Hupy and Abraham Law Office, the victim identified as Trace M, was involved in the crash on August 10 near Ogden and Franklin.

The woman says she is an experienced bicyclist but fractured both of her elbows and a rib in the incident.

Trace plans to emphasize the dangers of the tracks to prevent further accidents and injuries in a meeting Thursday morning. This comes after a motorcyclist says he was also hurt in an accident involving the streetcar tracks. He says he is planning to file a lawsuit.

The complete story and video here > Bicyclist warning others following accident involving Milwaukee streetcar tracks


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