Drowning turkeys? NO.. Canada Geese surviving hail

First, let me shatter the old wives tale that domesticated turkeys are so stupid they look up and drown when it rains. That's just an old wives tale and while it's true domesticated turkeys aren't as adaptive to changing circumstances as their wild cousins, they are not completely ignorant of practices that keep them alive.  Now let's get into the question of Canada geese!  It turns out they really DO look up when it starts to hail, but this is not a death-inducing act on their part. In fact, it's pretty smart and a potentially life-saving act on their part.  By looking up they present a smaller target for the hail...and the key here is protecting their heads and their bills.  But that's not all, video of geese and other birds that do the same thing, show them actually dodging some of the hail! In all cases the birds resume their normal head-forward position when the hail turns to rain! BIRD BRAINS? I THINK NOT!


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