5 Reasons Trump Will Win 40 States in 2020

via The Hill by Kevin McCullough

Delusional progressives are powerless to stop it. Ineffective never-trump laughingstock are dwindling into oblivion. 

After every curve-ball has been thrown at him from every conceivable direction, Donald Trump will win 40 states, and do so in a most extraordinary way.

He will have made Americans believe in American greatness once again!

He already is.

n 2006 a full two years prior to his election I was the first to predict that Barack Obama would be elected President.

No one believed me, but I based it on five instinctive realities I could see forming. I indicated if as few of three of the five occurred he’d likely be elected. Four of the five came true.

Here’s why I feel similarly as to President Trump’s re-election. 

5. Foreign Policy Dominance 
4. Stronger Might, Less War, Safer World
3. His Base Is Strongest Of The Era
2. He Will Garner Record African American Support
1. Jobs

The complete explanation for each point here >5 Reasons Trump Will Win 40 States in 2020


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