Obama spied on Trump’s campaign. Where’s the outrage?

via The Washington Times by Larry O'Conner

It’s been nearly 24 hours since it has been revealed to the world that President Barack Obama’s Justice Department conducted a counterintelligence investigation on the Trump campaign. The investigation began 100 days before the presidential election and was executed with all the traditional tools of spy trade-craft including  informants (spies) and electronic surveillance (wire tapping.) 

These stunning revelations were memorialized in the bible of the Mainstream Media: It was written in the Gospel According to the New York Times

After two years of every sentence of Trump’s rhetoric being shot through the lens of “Hitler” or “1930’s style fascist” or “Banana Republic dictator” it’s fair to ask where is the universal condemnation of the Obama/Lynch/Brennan/Clapper/Comey cabal’s Stalinesque escapade on behalf of their chosen candidate, Hillary Clinton? 

In short, and with apologies to Bob Dole: Where’s the outrage?How has the brain-trust that powers the endless, navel-gazing round table discussions on Morning Joe, Hardball and every single program on CNN (shouldn’t some of their shows dabble in a varied format?) not found a way to muster the slightest inquisitive segment on what is clearly a historic story comparable to Watergate, Iran/Contra-gate or any other “hyphen gate” they’ve thrown at us n the past several decades?

The collective yawn from the same news outlets who ran around with their figurative hair on fire for days over a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring a porn star remarkable and, at the same time, utterly predictable. 

Frankly, the absence of coverage of the Times’ game-changing expose reveals the political bias in America’s electronic newsrooms more than the “Trump called all immigrants ‘animals’” lie they pushed on us this week. What television news chooses to ignore is the best evidence of their bias than the fake news they choose to broadcast. 

The complete story here > Obama spied on Trump’s campaign. Where’s the outrage?

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