Go Fund Me...I want to prove the earth is flat!

The most ridiculous crowd funding requests...

  It seems you can't go a day any longer without hearing about someone's "Go Fund Me" request. Granted many of these requests are for worthy causes. Someone has cancer and needs financial help, someone lost their home to fire, someone else lost a loved one to violence and needs help with funeral expenses. These are all legitimate requests for help.  But then there are the ridiculous and even bizarre requests.

   Some examples include the woman who wanted money to take a trip around the world so she could "further her spiritual journey". She's actually managed to raise more than 12-hundred dollars!  But even that is not as strange as the person who wants the money to prove the world is flat. That's right, in this case the page was started by a rapper who goes by the name B.o.B and believe it or not he's raised more than 6-thousand dollars! His goal is 1-million dollars to send a series of small satellites into orbit to prove the earth is flat. 

  So, what do you think? are these worthy causes, or would you rather donate to the woman from the U.K. who wants the money to send her kids to Disney World? She's actually raised nearly 10-thousand dollars! At least Disney World sounds reasonable....or  more reasonable than proving the earth is flat! 

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