Sen Lena Taylor: Just another example of a double standard

MILWAUKEE — State Sen. Lena Taylor has hired a lawyer after she was cited for disorderly conduct and reportedly hurled a racial slur at a bank teller in downtown Milwaukee. Taylor, D-Milwaukee, has not agreed to an interview. Her attorney, Vince Bobot, confirmed that Milwaukee Police had written Taylor a ticket Friday afternoon but said the matter was “on hold” as police and the City Attorney’s office review the case. 

"No, I have no doubt that her constituents don't care and won't vote here out of office.  That doesn't mean that the rest of us shouldn't try to hold her accountable and hold her to the same standard we hold to everyone else. 

Reasons this is racist:

Holding her to a different standard....that's racist

Giving her a pass because she's African-American...that is racist

Writing a vague story and downplayning...that's racist

or because you don't want your newspaper's content to controversial...that is racist

Lena Taylor should be made to apologize and forced to resign or forced out of her caucus by her fellow Democrats over this.  This is ugly and unacceptable behavior from a sitting State Senator."



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