Student harassed at a Catholic U for defending traditional marriage

via The Washington Times by Bradford Richardson

A student at a Catholic college has been harassed by classmates and denounced by administrators for putting up a bulletin board in a residence hall affirming Catholic teaching on marriage.

Michael Smalanskas, a resident advisor and a senior at Providence College in Rhode Island, made the bulletin board in response to a pro-lesbian poster that was posted in a women’s residence hall throughout the month of February.

Before it was taken down, his board read, “Marriage: The Way God Intended It, One Man One Woman,” accompanied by a quote from Pope Francis and a passage from the Gospel of Mark affirming traditional marriage.

Ever since the display went up on March 1, Mr. Smalanskas said students have been congregating outside of his dorm room and confronting him as he goes about his day.

“I couldn’t even go brush my teeth for several nights without facing a mob in my hallway,” the student told LifeSiteNews.

The complete story here > Student harassed at Catholic college for defending traditional marriage


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