ABC Accused of Playing Politics In Canceling Tim Allen Hit 'Last Man Standing'


These two video clips are from Tim Allen's TV series "Last Man Standing." Season 6, episode 9 titled "Precious Snowflake."What is great about this episode is it tackles the issue of America becoming too politically correct. Where people are feeling censored by using.  Greg and I marveled how many times ABc, CBS and NBC news tweeted out clips of SNL.  Do you ever remember them tweeting out clips of this show? 


via Fox News

ABC's decision to cancel Tim Allen's hit sitcom "Last Man Standing" as it closes its sixth season resulted in the network being accused of playing politics.

Only "Modern Family" beat "Last Man Standing" in the ratings for ABC programming.

Allen, whose previous ABC hit "Home Improvement" ran from 1991-1999, has been vocal in his criticism of Hollywood's leftist culture and said he attended President Trump's inauguration.

According to Heat Street, many viewers believe Allen's refusal to remain silent about politics in heavily Democratic Hollywood led ABC to cancel "Last Man Standing" despite drawing 8.1 million viewers this season.

Allen supported Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) in the presidential primaries, and said being a conservative in Hollywood was akin to living in Nazi Germany.

Just last year, The Hollywood Reporter asked > How Tim Allen's 'Last Man Standing' Gets Away With Politically Incorrect Humor

"ABC's durable sitcom, airing its 100th episode Friday, has beaten the odds thanks to its lovably acerbic star, Tim Allen, as he celebrates the "blessing" of a second TV hit and sounds off on Trump (he likes him) and Hillary: "The Clintons are like herpes: Just when you think they're gone, they show up again."


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