Meet the photographer behind one ICONIC picture!

  You've seen the photo, I'm sure... it's titled "Lunchtime atop a skyscraper" and depicts eleven workers calmly eating lunch while sitting on a beam hundreds of feet above the streets of New York City.  They were involved in the construction of Rockefeller Center at the time and to date only two of the men have been identified.  Ah, but alas! We now know who the photographer was, and the following link will tell you all about him, plus show some of his other work that's guaranteed to make anyone who suffers from a fear of heights cringe! Sadly I can't post the picture on my blog because it is protected, however the link will take you to the photo and some other scary ones too!  NOW WE KNOW HIS NAME..AND WORK!

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 26:  The General Motors Building seen in midtown Manhattan February 26, 2008 in New York City.  The 50-story skyscraper near Central Park is up for sale and could fetch over $3 billion, the highest price ever for a U.S. office building


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