Butler University faces backlash over Trump 'resistance' class


via Time.com by Aric Jenkins

Butler University, a private school in Indianapolis, has responded to criticism of a "Trumpism & U.S. Democracy" course that was offered to students in order to "potentially engage" in "strategies for resistance" to President Donald Trump.

"Just as I support this course, I would support a course that is complimentary of the President," Butler provost and vice president for academic affairs Kathryn Morris said in a letter posted to the school's website. "Butler offers a variety of courses that tackle controversial topics. Like any University, Butler should — and does — promote an environment of critical inquiry and engagement on controversial and unpopular topics."

Outrage about the class began as a version of the course description circulated on Twitter describing the President as a perpetuator of "sexism, white supremacy, xenophobia, nationalism, nativism and imperialism" began to bubble on conservative news outlets. Shortly before, former Indiana state Sen. Carlin Yoder, a Republican, tweeted a photo of the course description on Tuesday.

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