Governor Walker Thinks He Knows Why No Democrats Want to Run Against Him

The way Governor Walker sees it, there's a pretty simple reason why no Wisconsin Democrats seem to want to run in next year's gubernatorial election: They think Wisconsin is doing too well for them to have any chance of winning.

"I think that they can read the stories out there," Walker told News/Talk 1130 WISN's Dan O'Donnell.  "They see that not only are jobs at an all-time high--more people are employed now than ever before--but wages are up.

"For all the talk early on about how challenging and difficult our reforms are, I said all along, 'Hang with us, these things will work,' and now we have this incredible reform dividend that we're able to reinvest in the things that got us here, which are continuing to provide tax relief, continuing to invest in our workforce including historic investment in K-12 education, which now thanks to Act 10, that money is going to go into the classroom and into workforce development."

Of course, the Governor is still refusing to officially say that he's running for a third term, but it's pretty obvious that he's running for a third term.

Listen to him discuss his biennial budget proposal's commitment to tax relief during his complete interview with Dan O'Donnell:   



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