Hey Liberals Bashing Mike Pence, What Do You Think of This?

Vice President Mike Pence has been under fire from liberals incredulous that he doesn't dine alone with women who are not his wife so as to uphold the integrity of their marriage.

Liberals, it seems, are more upset with this than they were with the manner in which President Bill Clinton and Congressman Anthony Weiner destroyed the integrity of their marriage through shameless infidelity.

But to the left, Clinton and Weiner aren't deviant weirdos, Pence is--primarily because, as Vox.com explained, he might be discriminating against women by not eating alone with them...or something (Hint: It's not actually illegal at all).

Still, if what Pence is doing is unacceptable discrimination, then, one wonders why the left has been silent about this report from France 2:  


Were any liberals upset with this?  Any of them?  Not only did these Muslim migrants refuse to dine alone with women, they refused to allow the women in the cafes!

The lesson, as always: If not for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.


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