Fake Republican planning GOP US Senate run?

Yesterday, Mediatrackers broke this story about a woman named Nicole Schneider running for US Senate against Tammy Baldwin.   See that story HERE.OK FINE.  But IS SHE REALLY A REPUBLICAN? Or is she just a faker?  Well, you be the judge.  Here are links to her now DELETED tweets on everything from abortion and Planned Parenthood to Transphobia to like Tammy Baldwin, Hillary and Elizabeth Warren...to hating on Trump.  It's a pile of anti-conservative stuff that for reasons only SHE knows, she doesn't want anyone to see.Here is her now deleted post on "How to be a Social Justice Ally:  Working from and Against Privilege"

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Here are some deleted Tweets.  In these, she is critical of Gov Walker, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump--while seemingly praising Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Tammy Baldwin.  Oh and she also seems to dislike SODA CONSUMPTION (!!)  (By the way, ma'am, I'm a Catholic and I voted for Trump!)


And here are some more deleted posts on everything from apparent praise of transgender bathroom policy to her seemingly favorable view of Elizabeth Warren, to her apparent belief in the leftwing narrative on the so-called "wage gap".  She even seems to praise Tammy Baldwin and Obamacare.  She also appears to be mocking traditional marriage.  And what's with her enthusiasm for psychic mediums? (!!!)  


Look, I don't know the lady.  For all I know she's a very nice person with very liberal beliefs.  And maybe she's actually NOT thinking of running as a Republican.  I'm going from the Mediatrackers story on this.  If they find out their story was in error and she's actually thinking about running as a Democrat, well that would certainly make a lot more sense, given her (now-deleted) posts!  I'll certainly update this post as I find out more!  And let me say, I don't think it's impossible to be a more liberal Republican--or for a democrat to get mugged by reality and just simply become a Republican.  That's not what appears to be going on, though.  But I sure do think it's very odd she's deleted all this material from her social media.  That's deceptive for a would-be candidate to do even before she gets out of the gate (if that's her plan)--no matter WHAT PARTY's flag she's considering.    Run, Nicole, run...but do it as the Democrat you appear to be!  

** I have told the source of these screenshot files I would keep his/her identity confidential.  


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