Republicans had the Votes to Pass the Obamacare Repeal Just Hours Before it Failed

House Republicans were convinced that they had the votes to pass the American Health Care Act less than 24 hours before it failed.

Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman said that in a Thursday night meeting of all 237 House Republicans, it appeared that nearly every Republican supported the bill.  This, he believes, is why House Speaker Paul Ryan went through with a Friday vote.

However, upwards of 30 Republicans--mostly members of the conservative Freedom Caucus as well as more liberal Republicans led by New Jersey's Rodney Frelinghuysen--changed their minds on Friday, causing the bill to be pulled shortly before a scheduled vote.

Grothman says he can't believe that so many members refused to back legislation that he called "the most conservative bill in the last 30 years."

Listen to his fascinating interview with Dan O'Donnell for an inside look at how exactly that bill failed:     



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