Soccer goal keeper resigns in pie/gambling scandal

A goal keeper and coach for the Sutton United Soccer team has resigned in tears after he was seen eating pie during a match.  There is a LOT more to this story than you might think. Apparently one of the sponsors of the team owns the newspaper "The Sun" which had posted 8-to-1 odds that the goalie would be seen eating during the match!  The goal keeper admits he knew of the odds, but there is no indication he actually made a bet.  There is every indication a full investigation is in order.  This reminds me of some of the Super Bowl proposition bets, like the over or under on how many times an announcer would say "Tom Brady was a 6th round pick" or how long the National Anthem will run.  Wouldn't it be very easy to rig those bets if you were the announcer or singer? GET THE DETAILS HERE


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