VIDEO: Idiots provoke police by entering station with rifles and facemasks


As the two men approached a police station in Dearborn, Mich., on Sunday, one of them looked into the camera he was holding and explained — via Facebook Live — what their intentions were. They claimed to have been illegally pulled over about an hour earlier and wanted to file a complaint, said James Baker, wearing a dark balaclava over his face. Next to him, his friend Brandon Vreeland — toting a camera on a tripod — agreed “100 percent.” Baker turned the camera back toward himself to more clearly reveal a rifle slung across his chest, body armor and a GoPro camera attached to his left shoulder. “We felt a little afraid for our lives when we were pulled over,” Baker said, “so we figure we better protect ourselves.” The pair — who describe themselves as open-carry advocates and frequently post videos of their interactions with police — entered the station and walked through another set of doors. Within seconds, a cacophony of shouts echoed throughout the lobby. The complete story from the Washington Post here > Open-carry advocates walked into a police station with a loaded rifle. Officers were not amused.


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