Kids at Mukwonago HS taught they're implicitly racist

 Are all white people implicitly biased?  That's what a psychology teacher at Mukwonago HS is teaching in class.  A mom contacted me, upset that her daughter was being given exams and graded on whether she fully appreciates her own White Privilege, which the teacher believes is a problem.  Here is one of the (correction:  PRACTICE) exam questions on "automatic prejudice": 

The mom said neither she nor her daughter  could get a copy of the whole (practice) exam.  When I asked the mom what the lesson was about, she responded that her daughter told her this:  "She just texted back and said the chapter was on prejudice and she said the teacher spoke alot about white privilege and how white people are subconsciously racist.  "  

I asked if she had a few other examples of this "implicit bias" lesson, and she sent me these (from her daughter, who snapped pics of the (practice)  exam questions):

A tweet from Sally Kohn as a TEST QUESTION  lesson?  What?!, you say?  

(You mean the same Sally Kohn that made excuses for Vester Lee Flanagan's murder of his white coworkers?  The same one who justifies violence against police officers?  Yes.

When mom asked the teacher (who I am not naming) for a copy of the exam, she was told that the school does not give out copies of the (practice) exam.  I wonder why.

If mom wants to see a copy of the (practice) exam, she'll have to schedule an appointment to go VIEW it.  

Meanwhile, the social justice train keeps on chugging.

UPDATE:  Mukwonago HS is very upset, but never addressed the content of this, except to say it's "approved" curriculum, and it's really popular:

UPDATE: the mom who contacted me tells me she feels like she and her child could be at risk from a mob mentality defending the status quo and popular teacher (whom I never named in this post), and worries her child may be at risk for simply exposing this inanity. Think about that for a second.  I certainly hope that doesn't happen.  

UPDATE:  local new runs interference for school with story bashing me, defending SJW indoctrination:



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